Supply Chain Management (SCM)

The term SCM was originally introduced in the 1980s and has been defined in various ways since then:

  • The process that integrates, co-ordinates and controls the movement of materials, finished inventory, and related information from suppliers through a company, to meet consumer requirements
  • The procurement, movement, storage and distribution of all goods, materials and related information from original source to end users
  • The planning, execution and management of goods, information and financial flows from production, distribution and unto final consumption

Sealand Logistics Solutions Supply Chain Cycle


With Sealand Logistics Solutions Supply Chain Management Services our clients achieve

  • Reduction in total costs
  • Ability to respond faster to changing markets
  • Improved customer service in terms of availability, capability and quality
  • Ability to concentrate on what will make their business even more successful

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Smart Supply Chain design is a key to success in supply chain management and nature give us a very prominant clue.. If you closely observe a leaf of any tree you can have a clear que about how nature provides food and water to each and every part of the leaf... this is called great logistics design...
Salman Hamid
Supply chain design