Special Transport Services

Sealand Logistics Solutions has an airfreight solutions to meet your needs for moving your time sensitive cargo from one airport to another. Sealand Logistics has a reliable and cost efficient service to meet your challenging logistics demands for moving cargo, charter planes and documentation services. Our global logistics network and consolidation products, offers customized solutions to move your air cargo.

From on-board courier solutions to the complete charter of aircraft, Sealand Logistics has a reliable and cost-effective service to meet your needs. Our global logistics network, consolidation products meets all the demands of our customers challenging logistics requirement.

Multimodal Transportation

Multimodal transportation is the movement of one unit load from origin to destination by several methods or transportation under one document without breaking up the unit load. The development of container traffic has made this possible, as containers can travel from end to end without being opened/unloaded/reloaded during the course of the journey.

Sealand Logistics Solutions can offer multimodal transportation and specialize in such traffic, as it obviously requires diligent organization to ensure that the chain of transport events works smoothly.

The advantage for those who make use of multimodal transportation is that they have one document only for the whole operation and that the operator is legally responsible for a satisfactory overall performance by his own staff and by the agents or branches that he is employing.

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Logistics is an Art

Logistics is an Art and an expert supply chain professional knows how to use different modes of transportation to effectively move shipment.