Break Bulk Shipping Services

break-bulk-shippingThe first container shipment took place in 1956. Until then, general cargo was transported in cartons or on pallets which were loaded onboard the vessels one by one. This type of transport is referred to as “break-bulk” shipping and still exists today.

“Break-bulk” cargo consists of loose, non-containerised cargo, e.g. in cartons or on pallets. It requires significant manual handling to load and discharge goods onto/from the vessel’s cargo holds but may be needed if cargo is not suitable for stuffing in a container, e.g. due to the cargo dimensions.

With our break bulk shipping services, we can transport large, out of guage (OOG) and heavy cargo for your import, export oriented business. Often break bulk cargo is shipped using special equipment which can prove extremely expensive. With stevedoring partners located in main transport hubs around the globe, we are often able to negotiate space on conventional vessels for break bulk, dramatically reducing costs whilst providing reliable cargo transportation.

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