Full Container Load (FCL)

A container is a steel/aluminum box. It’s being hugely beneficial in shipping owes to that after the merchant has stowed his goods in the container and the doors are closed, the container can be loaded onto vessels, freight trains, trucks and other means of transport without anybody touching the actual cargo. This is cost-efficient and safe as well.

The advantages of container shipping include that it is easy to transfer cargo between different transport modes (vessel, road, rail); risks of damage, loss and pilferage are reduced; load/unload operations in port are efficient and therefore vessels spend shorter time in port (= less cost, faster transit).. Also called full trailer load (FTL).

Through our centralized pricing we negotiate best at sea freight with first-class carriers to give you the highest quality, confirmed space allocation and competitive pricing for your FCL freight.

sealand full container load

Benefit you get in moving your FCL and Containerized Cargo with Sealand Logistics Solutions:

  • Minimization of cargo-damage risk through reduced trans-shipments
  • Direct routing to major ports of the world
  • Confirm Space allocations on multiple carriers
  • Single point of contact for all your FCL needs

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Sealand Logistics comprehensive approach of FCL management ensures reliable shipment of goods all around the globe.