Reefer & Perishable

SEALAND offers cohesive logistical solutions to fulfill our customer’s door-to-door refrigerated and perishables cargo requirements.

Perishable cargo needs an extreme supervision in accordance with the provided SOP’s. Our staff moves Temperature Sensitive cargo under strict provisions. We are using experienced specialists strategically place all around the globe to move these reefer goods.

With support of leading shipping lines, transport providers we move reefer cargo smoothly from one location to another smoothly and their flexibility and speed gives us competitive edge.

Sealand usually handled below Refrigerated Cargo:


Pakistan is an agricultural countries having one of the best tasted mangoes of the world.


Pakistan is the sixth largest producer of Kinow (mandarin) and oranges in the world, with 2.1 million tons annual volume.

Vegetables & Fruits

Out of a total world horticulture import market of $77 billion in 1998, the fruit and vegetable segments constituted a $60 billion market while fruit and vegetable juices contributed $6 billion.

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Some of the fruits of grown in Pakistan have great potential for exports, which are available in volumes, varieties and are of rich flavor. These are mangoes, citrus (Kinnow), grapes, dates, apples, peaches and cherries. Other prominent fruits that have enormous export potential are plums, pears, guava and loquat. Among vegetables, potatoes and onions are vastly grown in Pakistan, hold a large global market because of competitive advantage due to superior variety, volume and price.
Fruits & Vegetables