Sports & Surgical Goods

There are over 5,500 small and medium sized sports and surgical goods industrial units, and some 50 well established industries functioning in and around Sialkot. The sports and surgical goods industry of Sialkot, producing quality goods mainly for foreign markets, has over a century old history. A major portion of the total production comes from cottage and small scale manufacturing units. However, some units have joint venture collaboration with foreign manufacturers, which benefit technical and marketing support to their foreign partners.

In 2002, sports goods export from Sialkot worth to Rs 11,039 million, indicating a 16.91 percent increase in foreign exchange earnings as compared to the previous year. Presently, Pakistan is competing with India, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea in international markets.

Since the entry of Japan, Taiwan and Korea, the industry is tilting towards mechanization and the use of modern equipment, which has resulted in tougher competition for manufacturers and exporters of sports goods in Sialkot. It speaks volumes for the quality of sports goods of Sialkot that it continues to compete in the global market without a fully mechanized industry, relying mostly on old and traditional production techniques. While the sports goods industry has reason to be proud of its achievements, SCCI sources said it was high time for the industry to modernise its base if it wants to remain competitive, to retain and increase its share in the world markets.

Export of Surgical Instruments

The world exports of the two categories of Standard International Trade Classification, SITC 87229 representing medical instruments and SITC 87219 representing dental instruments, during the year 1997 was US $ 11.6 billion. These are the two major categories in which instruments are exported from Pakistan. Pakistan’s export of surgical and dental instruments during the same year was US $ 134 million.

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