Textile Industry of Pakistan

The Pakistan textile industry total export is around 9.6 billion US dollars. The textile industry contributes approximately 46 percent to the total output or 8.5 percent of the country GDP. In Asia, Pakistan is the 8th largest exporter of textile products providing employment to 38 percent of the work force in the country. However, the textile industry currently faces massive challenges.

The textile sector enjoys a pivotal position in the exports of Pakistan. In Asia, Pakistan is the 8th largest exporter of textile products. The contribution of this industry to the total GDP is 8.5%. It provides employment to about 15 million people, 30% of the country work force of about 49million. The annual volume of total world textile trade is US$18 trillion which is growing at 2.5 percent. Out of it, Pakistan’s share is less than one per cent. The development of the Manufacturing Sector has been given the highest priority since Pakistan’s founding with major stress on Argo-Based Industries. For Pakistan which was one of the leading producers of cotton in the world, the development of a Textile Industry making full use of its abundant resources of cotton has been a priority area towards industrialization. At present, there are 1,221 ginning units, 442 spinning units, 124 large spinning units and 425 small units which produce textile products.

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Pakistan’s textile sector earned US$5.77 billion during the 2003 year, compared with US$5.577 BILLION OF 2000-2001 indicating a growth of 0.69%. The total exports of textile sector in 2004 were US 5.7 billion which shows 2.5% growth it increase to 4% growth in 2005 as compared to 2004.The textile sector shows 8% negative growth in 2006.The negative growth continue in 2007 also with the value of 5% the textile sector shows 15% growth in 2008. Now we will discuss the main reasons of crisis in textile industry step by step in detail.

Lack of Modernize Equipment

Moreover, critics argue that the textile industry has obsolete equipment and machinery. The inability to timely modernize the equipment and machinery has led to the decline of Pakistani textile competitiveness. Due to obsolete technology the cost of production is higher in Pakistan as compared to other countries like India, Bangladesh & china.

Raw material Prices

Prices of cotton & other raw material used in textile industry fluctuate rapidly in Pakistan. The rapid increase in the price raw material effect the cost of production badly. The increase in raw material prices fluctuate rapidly due to double digit inflation.

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Textile Industry Contribution : Textile Industry of Pakistan is covering 52 % of total export of Pakistan having US $ 12.36 BILLION revenue
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